The surf village

Concept and presentation

The surf camp of Taghazout Bay is a pedestrian eco-friendly village of surfers offering its own accommodation unit with a capacity of 360 beds and recreational facilities. Facing the sea and occupying an area of more than 5 hectares, the camp is an essential component of the Taghazout Bay resort which naturally benefits from the best surf spots in the world.

The architectural concept of the surf village is in full compliance with the environment. The construction of the project relies on purely ecological materials, with wood as essential element, allowing the architecture to blend completely into its surroundings.

The village will be entirely dedicated to pedestrians and will integrate construction techniques of High Environmental Quality in line with the concept of sustainable development.

The surf camp, an eco-village

More efficient management of energy and water, indoor air quality, social diversity , management of the construction nuisances, choice of materials respecting the environment ...The challenges in the construction sector in terms of sustainable development are numerous. Whether through standards as HEQ (High Environmental Quality) or throught special tools and techniques (bioclimatic construction, solar architecture...), many solutions are now available to assist in the implementation of construction projects more respectful of the environment and human being.


The program of the surf village is composed of:

  • Surf Academy;
  • Accommodation unit in the form of bungalows ;
  • Dormitories for young people;
  • Restaurant ;
  • Surf Shop ;
  • Pool ;
  • Beachfront Relaxation areas ;
  • SPA ;
  • Repair workshop of surfing materials ;
  • Storage space of surf equipments ;
  • Fitness room ( complete equipment and sport machines )
  • Recreation and other sports area (yoga , hiking, mountain bike... )


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