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Modern, lighthearted and tasty, the Play Bar is one of the most charming hotel restaurants in the resort. In a bewitching ambiance, the snack bar offers an innovative menu, succulent dishes and fresh cocktails.
Taste a fascinating mixture of authenticity and originality in a relaxed and unique setting.
All that in two settings; moving from one which is a breathtaking view of Taghazout beach during the day, to another one which is more relaxing low-key lighting by night. Thus, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the moment in a sumptuous and peaceful setting.


A fresh mozzarella, a splash of olive oil and basil, a creamy carbonara paste or a crunchy pizza covered with melted cheese ... You are at Stella Restaurant, a unique address that invites you to enjoy dishes from a culinary tradition of Italy.
Whatever your tastes of the moment, entrust your taste buds to our expert chefs and take pleasure in savoring exceptional dishes, found in a generous menu of Italian specialties along with Mediterranean localities.
All in a warm and romantic atmosphere.