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Certified Project

The project for the development of Taghazout tourist resort is part of the Azur plan, and more broadly within the framework of the tourism development strategy "Vision 2020". The SAPST, Taghazout Resort Development and Promotion Company (SAPST), fully adheres to this national strategy which consists of a responsible approach with three major objectives:

  • to Preserve the Moroccan culture, values, traditions and identity,
  • to Protect the environment,
  • to Strive for a tourism seeking economic and social development

In order to confirm its adherence to this strategy and its commitment to sustainable development, SAPST has therefore decided to adopt an integrated approach, namely:

  • QSE Approach (For all SAPST activities and processes)
  • HQE ™ Development Approach (for the entire resort as well as for the Connection Zones)
  • HQE ™ Residential Building Approach (for the residential component)
  • HQE ™ Non-Residential Buildings (for the development of tourist establishments)
  • Green Globe Approach (for the operation of tourist establishments)

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All these different and complementary approaches, which form the core of SAPST’s management system, cut across all aspects of sustainable development while placing the environmental component as the pivot around which they revolve.

The Sustainable Development Charter is the document formalizing the commitments of SAPST and its partners on three cornerstones of sustainable development, namely environmental, social and economic.

Sustainable Development Charter: Connection Areas Sustainable Development Charter: Taghazout Bay Station SAPST's Commitement to Sustainable Development


Given its ambition to comply with the best international standards, in terms of quality, safety and environment, SAPST is committed to a process of development that has been rewarded by obtaining the triple QSE certification according to the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards from “Veritas Bureau” certification body.

This approach will not only allow it to ensure better control of its processes by placing the satisfaction of all stakeholders at the heart of its concerns, but also to control the risks related to the health and safety of workers, to limit the impact of the Taghazout Bay station on the external environment and to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements in force.

The implementation of this system is an anchor for sustainable development approach in which the SAPST is committed in an exemplary manner, through the implementation of a multitude of actions economically, socially and environmentally responsible for designing and developing Taghazout Bay Resort.

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In order to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and to recognize that its buildings comply with the requirements of High Environmental Quality, Taghazout Bay has embarked on a step of progress towards a triple certification, namely:

  • HQE™ Development
  • HQE™ Residential Buildings
  • HQE™ Non-residential Buildings
  • Compliance with the requirements of these standards will enable it to better structure its projects and to offer itself a framework and tools enabling it to produce healthy and comfortable structures, for the future occupants of the resort, whose environmental impact is optimally controlled.

    Thus, through this approach, both ambitious and innovative, Taghazout Bay offers its users:

  • Sustainable development integrated into its territory
  • Constructions that respect the environment
  • Architectural and technical design improving thermal, acoustic and visual comfort
  • Buildings with little consumption of water and energy
  • Natural resources preserved through the protection of Argan reserve and the recycling of wastewater for irrigation needs
  • Low consumption lighting in public spaces with the use of photovoltaic panels and LEDs
  • Waste managementand valuation throughout their life cycle
  • An exemplary quality of service via communication and constant listening
  • Permanent sensitization of station’s target populations on use instructions, in order to guarantee the durability of the optimal performances of its works.

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In order to structure its approach to sustainable development, and to recognize that all its actions are ecologically, socially and culturally responsible, the Taghazout Bay resort lists its tourist components (Hyatt Palace hotel and Sol House hotel) and its Golf in the context of an international program called "Green Globe".
This program, through the implementation of 41 sustainable development criteria, aims to improve environmental, social and economic performance through concrete measures aimed at:

  • Rationalizing the consumption of water and energy
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Protect biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Better managing of waste
  • Promoting green purchase of materials and consumables
  • Promoting local employment and work for the socio-economic and cultural development of the region

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